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How to Beat the Most Common CrossFit and Bodybuilding Injuries


Stay in the game with Muscle Doc Method injury remedies and prevention

CrossFit and bodybuilding are undoubtably extreme sports. Through months and years of intense training, there are bound to be some injuries and slip-ups along the way. While working through occasional injuries is part of the game, some athletes find it difficult to escape the continuous cycle of injury and reinjury. This excess wear and tear on the body can later lead to poor performance and eventually chronic health issues.

It is our goal to make sure that you are performing at a top level at all times, all while staying healthy. Christopher Brenner of The Muscle Doc Method is passionate and dedicated to holistic and effective sports rehabilitation for a wide range of sports injuries – especially the most common injuries in both CrossFit and bodybuilding practices. Here, we’ll dissect the most common CrossFit and bodybuilding injuries and teach you how to steer clear with our innovative approach to sports therapy.

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Why Are Injuries Common in CrossFit and Bodybuilding?

CrossFit is infamous for its high rates of injury. Bodybuilding competitors as well as MMA fighters also find themselves injured more frequently than athletes of other sports. Doctors and researchers have studied the reasons behind these high rates of injury and concluded that athletes in these fields are simply training with higher intensity, higher volume, and higher skill levels.

During training, many athletes are eager to take on increasingly difficult activities at higher intensities. This can be a great way to improve and advance, but must be paired with proper post-training care and rehabilitation to prevent overuse and reduce the risk of injury. Competition is high in these sports as well, which could lead to overtraining and a lack of necessary, healing rest.

At the Muscle Doc Method, we specialize in treating these high-intensity athletes and helping you reach your highest potential, injury-free and healthy. Our programs are geared towards rehabilitating the common sports injuries of CrossFit and bodybuilding with years of experience and a deep understanding of the nature of these common injuries.

The Most Common CrossFit and Bodybuilding Injuries – and Our Specialized Solutions

The Most Common CrossFit and Bodybuilding Injuries – and Our Specialized Solutions

Top athletes visit the Muscle Doc Method daily to regain their strength, heal injuries, and prepare for their next big win. While we love to help our athletes stay injury-free and enhance performance, we are also dedicated to being the best place you can turn when you are struck with an injury.

Here’s a breakdown of the top issues that bring athletes to our office and our sports therapies and remedies that put them back on top.

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  1. Shoulder Injuries
    The most common complaint that brings high-performing athletes to the Muscle Doc Method rehabilitation program is far and wide shoulder injuries. These are most common in CrossFit athletes (and many bodybuilders) and can prevent progression as well as inhibit daily movements. 

    Shoulder injuries tend to involve improper movement. This could be related to the instability of the rotator cuff, muscle imbalance between the anterior and posterior shoulder muscles, immobility in the thoracic spine, shoulder joint immobility, or improper movement of the shoulder blade during rotations.

    As Christopher explains, “often there are muscle adhesions throughout the rotator cuff muscles and shoulder girdle,” which then leads to injuries, stiffness, and low range of motion over time. Adhesions can develop from microtraumas, overuse, and lack of proper stretching.

    The remedy?
A shoulder-centric approach that supports the entire girdle by using acupuncture, targeted exercises, and the magic of Graston technique. “Using Graston to break up these muscle adhesions allows an improved range of motion and performance.

  2. Back Pain and Herniated Discs
    Back pain is common among most athletes, but none more so than bodybuilders. Herniated, or slipped, discs occur with overuse, excessive weight, or improper lifting technique or posture. Bodybuilders lift so regularly that it can be hard to avoid the wear and tear on the muscles of the back and the lower spine. Symptoms often include lower back pain but can also show up as tingling down the leg, loss of bladder control, weakness, or a burning sensation in the center of the back.


The remedy?
Back pain rehabilitation with acupuncture and cupping, stretching, and Graston therapy. Back pain is a common complaint, but relatively quick to heal with proper treatment. 

    Christopher also includes Graston therapy as it “benefits bodybuilders and athletes alike by breaking up adhesions in the fascia to allow more blood supply into the muscle tissue to provide improved muscle activation and a stronger pump sensation while training in the gym.

  3. Knee Injuries
Knee injuries commonly occur in both CrossFit and bodybuilding circles. The most common tends to be a meniscus tear from deep squatting, kettlebells, lunges, or deep leg presses. This puts strain on the knee, an anatomically tricky and vulnerable joint. Knee injuries can often cause high levels of pain and may even require surgery. It’s best to stabilize the knees whenever possible and treat them preventatively to strengthen them. 

    The remedy?
    Holistic sports rehabilitation care, acupuncture, and Graston therapy. 

    These treatments are also common for MMA fighters and Christopher finds that “MMA fighters use a lot of grappling techniques and submission hold training that it places a tremendous amount of stress on the tendon attachments at the joints and the joint capsule itself.  Graston allows me to comb the muscle fibers so to speak to alleviate tension and reduce inflammation on these muscle tissues It also helps improve range of motion allowing the fighter to be more mobile when grappling for position.


A similar effect can be useful for CrossFitters and bodybuilders, who also put their joints and tendons in high-stress positions during training.

  4. Bonus: Muscle Separation Effect
    This last one is not a complaint or injury, but a desired effect for bodybuilders. Christopher explains, “With bodybuilders, muscle separation is emphasized to create a much fuller and 3-dimensional look when posing their physique on stage.” Many bodybuilders, or other athletes looking to enhance their physical presence and stature, opt for muscle care techniques that accentuate the definition of their muscles. 

    The remedy?
    Specialized techniques like Graston can be used to enhance this muscular separation while concurrently healing the muscles and providing enhanced blood flow. Graston therapy is diagnostic, as well as therapeutic, and can therefore help to identify and prevent future muscle injuries.

The Effect of Chronic Injury

Chronic or repetitive injuries are annoying hindrances whether you’re a professional athlete or just getting started with training. But the effects of untreated injuries go much deeper than interfering with training schedules or competition PB’s. Chronic injury can cause lifelong damage to muscles, tendons, and joints, and may even lead to more serious conditions down the road.

The Muscle Doc Difference

Thankfully, drastic surgeries and medications can be avoided with some well-thought-out preventative care. At the Muscle Doc Method, you’ll receive holistic expert care in treating your CrossFit and bodybuilding injuries from the root.
There are countless therapists around the country that offer sports therapy but fail to understand the bigger picture of the high-performing athlete. The Muscle Doc Method provides a well-rounded and thorough approach to complete injury healing and prevention. From basics to specific technique, the Muscle Doc provides a unique vision for athlete wellness:

“What makes The Muscle Doc Method unique is combining Graston to the treatment area of the body while the patient moves through functional planes of movement. On occasions, adding acupuncture to a Graston treatment allows for highly effective therapeutic improvements, that most sports therapists are unlicensed to performed. So being able to add a variety of techniques in one treatment certainly sets The Muscle Doc Method apart.”

Make Your Move

If you are dedicated to a future in CrossFit, bodybuilding, or any other intensive muscular training program, it’s time to invest in your health. Prevention and rehabilitation are the two keys to enjoying your sport to its fullest and being able to perform for years to come. Don’t let injury stand in the way of doing what you love – level up with the Muscle Doc Method.

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