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The 6 Best Sports Therapies for Professional Athletes


The Ultimate Muscle Therapies for Athletes

The Muscle Doc Method combines ancient and innovative sports therapy for professional athletes of all ages and backgrounds providing the absolute best injury care and maintenance. Different strategies, combinations, and recommendations will be made based on your current condition and your progress over time. These are our highly recommended muscle therapies to tear down all your barriers to uncharted success:

Acupuncture is a widely accepted therapy for pain and injury rehabilitation around the world. At the Muscle Doc Method, we use acupuncture to heal injuries new and old and protect and strengthen the body.

Acupuncture is the use of tiny, thin, sterile, needles to stimulate the body’s muscular and nervous system. Needles are gently inserted into very strategic points in the muscle tissue to either release areas of tension, build resistance, or promote healing.

Why Acupuncture?
Acupuncture is an age-old medicine – and there’s good reason this therapy has stood the test of time. This simple therapy has the power to relieve pain, release trigger points and knots, stimulate muscle tissue healing, reduce inflammation, enhance the immune system, and relax and focus the mind. It is a powerful tool to help you not only recover from injury but protect and prevent injury in the first place. The calming effects of acupuncture help to reduce performance fear or anxiety while strengthening your mindset and visualization methods.

Is this method for you?
Acupuncture is one of the most popular and commonly used therapies at the Muscle Doc Method. Most athletes will benefit from inflammation-reducing, pain-relieving, and energy-boosting effects of acupuncture.

Cupping therapy on professional female athlete

Cupping and hijama therapy have been popularized among athletes and celebrities over the past several years, but these therapies have been healing people for millennia.

A typical cupping treatment involves the use of glass or plastic cups and suction to create a vacuum on the skin. This vacuum lifts the skin, fascia, and superficial muscle layers allowing for increased blood flow, detoxification, and muscle release.

Why Cupping?
Cupping is much more than a fad or fleeting wellness trend. Cupping is a solid and useful therapy that not only helps to heal injury but can protect against needless strains and knots. With regular cupping therapy, an athlete can maintain a flexible and nourished muscular system. Lingering old or congealed blood is removed from the tissues allowing with fresh, oxygenated blood to rejuvenate tired muscle groups. Pain and tension are released, proper circulation is reinstated, and wellness is improved overall.

Is this method for you?
Cupping is a favorite therapy among athletes who have regular tension or stress lodged in large muscle groups such as the shoulders, back, or legs. Athletes with chronic pain or stubborn injuries may benefit from cupping therapy as well. Even those without injury or pain often enjoy the increased circulation and massage-like cupping experience.


Heavy physical activity, muscle growth, and ongoing repair are a part of being a pro. But these aspects of training can also lead to some obstacles in the process. One of the major issues that prevents athletes from reaching their highest goals is scar tissue and muscle adhesions. These can inhibit progress and, if not treated, lead to bigger physical issues down the road.

Thankfully, Graston technique is well-suited to breaking up these muscle adhesions to allow for full rehabilitation of the muscle. A specialized stainless-steel instrument is used with Graston technique to mobilize soft tissue, lengthen connective tissue, and repair muscle fibers.

Why Graston?
Graston is a non-invasive, evidence-based therapy that promotes pain-free movement. If you have suffered from repetitive injury, scarring, or other issues that lead to lesions and restrictions, Graston can help you dissolve these blocks and return the full function of your muscle groups. When damaged tissue heals, it often does so in a chaotic, tight, and thickened manner, leaving you with pain, reduced range of motion, and reduced functionality. Graston is one of the most reliable ways to heal this scar tissue and improve both acute and chronic injuries.

Is this method for you?
Consider Graston technique if you have areas with varied scarring, dense scar tissue, tight muscle bands, chronic pain from old injuries, or regions with restrictions and reduced range of motion.


Active Release Technique was developed decades ago as a way to better enhance the performance and recovery of elite athletes. Today, ART is still a go-to therapy for soft tissue injuries and overuse.

In an ART session, we will assess the movement, range, texture, and tightness of the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Then, we apply direct pressure to targeted points while the athlete performs a specific movement to activate the area. There are over 500 different techniques for various issues and presentations and each session is completely tailored to you and your body.

Why ART?
Athletes put a lot of repetitive stress on their bodies. From weightlifters to runners, the demands of excelling in your chosen sport comes with its fair share of minor muscle tears, pulls, strains, and collisions. With time, these small injuries of overuse can grow into bigger issues like substantial scar tissue, adhesions, or tendonitis and lead to pain, numbness, weakness, reduced range of motion, and potentially more severe injury. ART is designed to listen to the body and its specific needs. These techniques directly reduce the strain and pressure on the muscles, tendons, and joints while re-establishing correct form and function.

Is this method for you?
ART can be used by all athletes but is specifically recommended for those who are working through times of reduced motion, injury, or restrictions.


Massage is a helpful intervention for many muscular conditions. While many of us think of using massage for pain relief and relaxation, the benefits of a medical massage go much deeper.

Why Medical Massage?
Medical massage is no trip to the spa. Our Muscle Doc Method sports therapy massages are geared towards improving your performance and healing your muscle tissue. Unlike general massage, medical massage is focused entirely on the anatomy, structure, function, and rehabilitation of muscle chains, joints, tendons, and the entire frame.

Is this method for you?
Medical massage is a great individual therapy or add-on to other therapies for most athletes. Even those without pain will benefit from medical massage as it stimulates blood flow, nourishes the tendons, and relaxes the mind. Those with acute or chronic injuries, increased training regimens, or noticeably increased stiffness or pain are great candidates for medical massage.

Healthy female preparing breakfast with protein powder

The range of herbal supplements can be daunting, even in the focused world of sport performance and therapy. Depending on your needs and condition, however, there are likely some amazing products available that will help you make your biggest goals naturally.

Why Herbal Supplements?
A healthy and sport-specific diet is at the core of performance and wellness for any athlete. But, with the increased nutrient demands of a top athlete, it can be hard to get everything you need with food alone. Herbal supplements and products can help you improve your energy, muscle repair, bone and joint health, and overall athletic performance. Topical creams and balms help to relieve your pain and stiffness outside the treatment room and on the go.

Is this method for you?
Supplements are an easy addition to the daily routine for most athletes. If you struggle to get the best out of your diet or need an extra boost to really perform at the level you desire, herbal supplements might be your answer. Check out our Muscle Doc Method Shop to view our trusted products or reach out to discuss the best choices for you.

Make Your Move

As an elite athlete, you are no stranger to challenge. You have trained your body and mind to accept no limits, fear no obstacle, and leave no goal unreached. You may be a dynamo, but you also know that you couldn’t reach these heights alone. You are a team player after all and need the right rehab team to help you perform consistently at the top level.

It’s time to make your move. Schedule your free 15-minute consultation with sports therapy expert Christopher Brenner and make the Muscle Doc Method part of your team.

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